Who We Are
Founded in Manhattan, NY in March 2012, the Manhattan Project for a Nuclear-Free World is a group of concerned citizens, educators, health advocates, artists and lawyers with a mission to raise awareness of the costs, risks, and humanitarian consequences of nuclear energy and nuclear weapons.

How We Started
The Manhattan Project for a Nuclear-Free World grew out of discussions with representatives of diverse civil society and grassroots groups who gathered in Manhattan to plan hosting events to commemorate the first anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear disaster with evacuees from Fukushima.

We chose the name to remind ourselves, that not only had we first met in Manhattan, but our mission is to undo the unconscionable labors of the original Manhattan Project that unleashed nuclear weapons and nuclear power upon the world. We believe that our name is a teachable moment to younger generations who do not know the original Manhattan Project.

What We Do
To achieve our goals we organize educational events, publish informative material, and support campaigns and projects aimed toward eliminating all nuclear power and nuclear weapons through education and arts. We also reach out to policy makers to advocate the importance of implementing carbon-free, nuclear-free policies in order to protect the most vulnerable group in our society.


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