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Resolution #0694
introduced on May 14, 2015, now has 18 sponsors. In order to get a swift hearing and vote on the resolution, we learned from council speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito that we need to enroll 34 co-sponsors on the resolution for a veto-proof vote of 2/3 of the 51-member Council. Tremendous pushback from Entergy, the corporate polluter can be expected as prior attempts to pass a resolution after 911 and again after Fukushima fell into a black hole, so it’s urgent that you contact your council member today! On May 10, 2015, a transformer actually blew up at the plant, spewing tens of thousands of gallons of oil into the Hudson River, although luckily there was no reactor meltdown, which could have rendered New York city, only 25 miles away, uninhabitable! Significantly, there was absolutely not one watt of lost power anywhere in the city or the state despite Entergy’s multi-million dollar PR campaign to frighten us into thinking the lights will go out if we shut down Indian Point!

>>> Details of the resolution #0694 at NY city council home page

Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant sitting on the confluence of the Ramapo and the Stamford-Peekskill seismic faults has been called one of the most dangerously sited nuclear power plants in the country by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). The 911 Commission reported that Al Queda was considering the reactors at Indian Point as a target when they knocked down the World Trade towers instead! There’s no way we could safely evacuate the more than 20 million people living within a 50 mile radius of the plant. Just think of the weekend traffic in New York on a Friday night! Although the NRC requires only a 10 mile evacuation zone, after Fukushima the US government advised its citizens within a 50 mile radius of the catastrophe to evacuate. Right now the corporate marauders have received approval from the industry-dominated Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to bury the Spectra gas pipeline less than half a mile from the reactors putting our lives even further at great risk! We need more action from our City Council to pass resolution #0694 calling for the shut down of Indian Point!

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