New York City Does Not Need Power from
Indian Point Nuclear Reactors to Avoid Blackouts

Despite claims from industry flacks that the lights will go out in NYC if we shut down the Indian Point nuclear reactors, dangerously sited on two intersecting earthquake faults only 25 miles up the Hudson River from the city, numerous studies show that we don’t need the power from Indian Point. Indeed a fire in a reactor transformer this month causing 80,000 gallons of oil to be spilled into the Hudson River, although luckily not causing a catastrophic meltdown, caused both reactors to be shut down, with no loss of power whatsoever, despite glossy industry advertising showing NYC in the dark with Rudy Giuliani touting for Entergy, the power company that owns the reactors.

The NY Public Service Commission (PSC) in 2013 evaluated potential reliability issues and created a plan to ensure they are addressed through the Indian Point Replacement Contingency Plan, which is already being implemented by Con Ed and the New York Power Authority. The plan provided for how to fill a projected 1,000 MW gap by 2016 if Indian Point were to shut down in 2015. It included a new 320 MW powerline from NJ to NYC, now operational, 600 MW in transmission upgrades now in process under the Indian Point Replacement Contingency Plan and 180 MW of NYC efficiency, demand response, and storage under the plan. ConEd says efficiency programs are proving so much more successful than expected that it is able to forego other planned transmission system upgrades.

PSC determined, “This suite of projects accepted today represents The NY State Assembly’s Committee on Corporations, Authorities and the least-cost and least-risky portfolio for the Indian Point reliability contingency plan.”{1D2A3C42-9CAE-49AE-9E5B-0B2DABD0E015}

Thus it is apparent that the state and utilities are already addressing any potential energy shortage through the contingency plan, and are on track to be completed before Indian Point actually closes.

Indian Point sitting on confluence of the Ramapo and Peekskill-Stamford seismic faults has been called one of the most dangerously sited nuclear power plants in the country by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The 911 Commission reported that Al Qaeda was considering the reactors at Indian Point as a target when they knocked down the World Trade towers instead! There’s no way we could safely evacuate the more than 20 million people living within the 50 mile radius evacuation zone. We need action from our City Council to pass Resolution #0694 calling for the shut down of Indian Point!